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1833   Prešeren meets Julija Primic  
round the time when Prešeren became more independent in his poetry, he happened to meet Julija Primic, a delicate young lady from a rich merchant family, who became, for many years, the poet's muse and object of unrequited love. This emotion bore fruit in Sonetni venec (A Wreath of Sonnets), which was published in 1834 as a special supplement to the Ilirski list, which includes the famous Magistrale, in which the first letter of each line spells Primicovi Juliji (To Primic's Julija). The Wreath aroused quite a lot of interest and was much talked about in Ljubljana; Julija's mother was particularly displeased. She was a rich and domineering woman, who could by no means countenance France Prešeren as her future son-in-law. It seems that everybody, apart from Prešeren himself, could see that. Prešeren counted on being able to soften her by improving his financial position. In 1834, he moved from Baumgarten's office to take charge of the office of his lawyer school friend, Blaž Crobath. Prešeren also applied for his own legal practice. This application, his second, was again rejected. His disappointment was considerable, eased only slightly by the recognition his poetry was receiving. At that time he got to know two fellow poets: the Czech romantic Macha and Stanko Vraz. Their long and fruitful discussions of literary matters gave Prešeren particular pleasure, especially the praise and admiration the two poets offered. Macha's stay in Ljubljana was probably especially memorable, as Prešeren and his bohemian friends made a special effort to introduce him to their drinking venues and noisy parties.

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