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  Josip Stritar  
  On Prešeren's hand-written booklet, which Dr Josip Vošnjak sent to be looked at by Stritar in Vienna


A Dr Vošnjak from Slovenska Bistrica sent me a few days ago a green booklet with gilt edges, the thin yellowish paper covered with various neatly written poems. He said that he was given them by a man called Killer, a buyer from Kranj, who had supposedly been given them by Prešeren, as a souvenir to his "friend". Mr Killer claims that Prešeren wrote the poems himself - I find this unlikely; I admittedly do not know Prešeren's handwriting, but the writing in the booklet seems to me too smooth and elegant and nice, but with some strange mistakes which, it seems, arise more from ignorance than carelessness - for example, it always says: Sollo: That is going a bit far - of course, it is possible that Prešeren had written them when still very young, but even then something disturbs me - which may not be as small a thing as it seems - the booklet had to be pretty expensive - would a lad have paid so much for it - but of course it is possible he had obtained it in some other manner! - Alas! it all seems to me that this blessed thing is not authentic. God and Prešeren forgive me if I am mistaken!

From Stritar's letter to Fran Levstik, 12.4.1866

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