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  Lenka Prešeren  
  About her brother, the poet France Prešeren


Mother's instructions

France could not handle money at all. Therefore mother said to him: "You must never come near a cash box. You spend a lot. Therefore it would be wrong to be near a cash box." Mother would prefer it if he had followed his great uncle Muhovec's advice and become a professor; or worked for the Emperor. But he wanted to be a lawyer. Mother would have liked it most if he had, when visiting from Vienna, left Vienna and everything else and gone to a seminary. But when mother saw that he would not abandon the profession he had chosen, she no longer tried to pressurise him.

… Prešeren worked for a Moravian count, teaching the count's son, who was, I think, at the same school. He said to Katra later: "Teaching him did not take much of my time. I was able to teach myself as well." He shared accommodation and food with the young count. And I think he got a hundred goldinars every month, if I am not mistaken.


Prešeren's best friend, Matija Čop

Matija Čop was his best friend; it always seemed to me that by losing Čop, he had lost everything he had on this earth. Čop's wisdom guided him. There was a difference of a few years in their ages, but I know very well that they addressed each other in a familiar way. - Whilst Čop was still alive, Prešeren never went anywhere else in the evenings. Or Čop came to us. "It was so nice then," my sister Katra told me. Čop behaved so beautifully. He had such a good reputation; and he deserved it, too. - Sometimes Čop would come to invite Prešeren for a walk. He came on the day he died in Tomačevo, too. But France did not have the time that afternoon. Čop reproached our France: "Whenever I come, you have no time." Katra then said: It is a good thing France did not go. He would have jumped in the river after him, he would have. He was so very fond of him. They could not swim, either of them. They would both have drowned. - If Čop had lived, France would always only have him for company.

With Kastelic, however, Katra was angry and said: "If any country boys had been around they would have saved Čop from the river. Kastelic, who went with him to Tomačevo, did not help him enough. He just pulled planks from a fence, offering them to Čop in the whirlpool. But the drowning Čop could not grab hold of them."


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