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  How to listen to the readings and songs?  
Click on the icon . If you are asked whether you want the audio played from the current location or copied to your hard disk and you choose the first option, the program starts to play the audio. If there is a serious possibility that you would like to listen to a song or a reading more than once, choose the second option and save it to disk. Do not forget the name of the folder you have saved it in, and next time you want to listen to the recording, double click on the file in that folder.

  Problems listening to the readings or songs?  
First, check that the speakers are turned on and that the volume is set to an audible level. Most speakers have a knob for adjusting the volume, but you can also adjust the volume within the program itself - check both options. If the program returns an error message after you have clicked on the icon and does not know which program to use for playing the sound file, it is almost certain that you do not have a sound player installed. If all else fails, ask for help from a local computer whiz, but here are also two links which may come in handy. The Windows Media Player is already built into the newer versions of Windows. There is also a Mac version and you can get it from here. The WinAmp program is also popular for the PC.

  Questions, comments, suggestions?  
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