Vanessa Redgrave
Stane Sever


1800-21   Childhood years spent in Vrba and with his uncles, school years in Ljubljana

1821-28   Student years in Vienna

1824-27   First attempts at writing poetry

1828   Prešeren's first job in Ljubljana

1830   Matija Čop returns to his homeland

1833   Prešeren meets Julija Primic

1835   Life is a prison ...

1836   A year of doubt and searching, the appearance of Ana Jelovšek

1839   "I work seven hours, so I can then drink for two"

1843   New times, the Bleiweis era, the authorities allow the publication of the Poems

1846   His own legal practice at last

1848-49   Languishing and death in Kranj

1849-....   Recognition and fame

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