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BledKopanjRibnica na DolenjskemBorovnicaLjubljana GoricicaLeše pri RadovljiciSava pri LitijiGoricicaDunaj Lysice na MoravskemTomacevoCelovec Ljubljana Cerov Log Moravce Kranj
  1. Vrba na Gorenjskem, where on 3rd December 1800 the poet France Prešeren was born.
  2. Kopanj, a small village near Velika Račna near Grosuplje. Jožef Prešeren, the poet's father's uncle, worked there as a priest. France went to Kopanj in 1807 or 1808 and spent two years there, whilst being educated by Uncle Jožef.
  3. Ribnica na Dolenjskem. France Prešeren attended the elementary school there in the academic years 1810-11 and 1811-12.
  4. Ljubljana. The poet was educated here between 1812 and 1821. He first attended the elementary school, then secondary school for six years and subsequently studied philosophy for two years.
    During the years when he was at school in Ljubljana and whilst he was living in Vienna, Prešeren often used to visit his uncles, who worked as priests in various parishes around Slovenia.
  5. Borovnica. Between 1811 and 1827, Uncle Jakob lived here. He was a vicar. The poet frequently visited him, usually accompanied by his brother Jurij. They kept company with schoolboys there, and liked boating on the Ljubljanica.
  6. Sava pri Litiji. Prešeren's uncle Franc Ksaver was a curate there between 1814 and 1824. The poet liked rafting on the river.
  7. Leše pri Radovljici. Uncle Jacob moved there from Borovnica; Prešeren most probably visited him in 1827 or 1828.
  8. Polzela. Between 1815 and 1825 the poet's great uncle, Anton Muhovec, worked there as a priest. Prešeren visited him on three occasions.
  9. Goričica, a part of Domžale, where uncle Franc Ksaver Prešeren worked between 1825 and 1837. Uncle Franc supported the poet financially, he also financed Prešeren's time in Klagenfurt, where Prešeren passed his legal exams.
  10. Vienna. The poet continued his studies here, by enrolling into the third year of philosophy, which was then a precondition for enrolling to study law or medicine.
  11. Lysice in Moravia. In 1828, in the village of Drnovice near Lysice, Prešeren visited his pupil Dubski, whose private instructor he was whilst studying. 12. Ljubljana. In 1828, the poet finds employment in the office of lawyer Leopold Baumgarten.
  12. Ljubljana. In 1828, the poet finds employment in the office of lawyer Leopold Baumgarten.
  13. Klagenfurt. During the first half of 1832, Prešeren lived in Klagenfurt, whilst preparing for his legal examinations.
  14. Tomačevo. He used to visit the Kovač inn there. The innkeeper Jožef had two daughters, Jerica and Maria, both of whom the poet admired. In 1835, Matija Čop was brought here, after he had drowned in the nearby Sava.
  15. Cerov Log, below the Gorjanci. In 1833, Prešeren's friend Andrej Smole bought the nearby Prežek castle. The poet used to visit him there with their friends. The castle was renowned for the fact that from the dining room one went straight to the cellar. Smole's drinking friends, including Prešeren, signed their names on the wall. Unfortunately, a painter's apprentice wiped off the signatures by mistake and painted the wall. In 1840, Smole was forced to sell the castle because of his debts.
  16. Moravče. In 1840 Prešeren, together with Kastelic, listened to some folk songs sung by the local young men. Kastelic wrote down the words.
  17. Kranj. Prešeren moved to Gorenjsko in September or October 1846, when he started his own legal practice in Kranj, where he then lived until his death on 8th February, 1849.
  18. Bled. Prešeren often visited his friends there, particularly Franc Just Prešeren who, in spite of sharing the same surname, was not a blood relation. The poet was also friendly with the merchant Malner.
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