Vanessa Redgrave
Stane Sever


Simon Callow
   Let my poem, like a shrine, contain - your name;
   A Slovene wreath your poet has entwined
   A record of my pain and of your praise
   Since from my heart's deep roots have sprung these lays
   These tear-stained flowers of a poet's mind
   They come from where no man can sunshine find
   Unblest by soothing winds of warmer days
   Above them savage peaks the mountains raise
   Where tempests roar and nature is unkind
   They were all fed on many a plaint and tear
   Frail growth these blossoms had, so sad and few
   As over them malignant storm clouds flew
   Behold how weak and faded they appear
   Send but your rays their glory to renew
   Fresh flowers will spread fragrance far and near
   The Master Theme

Katrin Cartlidge
   A Farewell to My Youth
   The Baptism
   O, Vrba, happy village, my old home
   Mid wastes of Africa a wanderer sped
   He who from fate receives but blow on blow
   O'er thee, Misfortune, I have ceased to wail

Vanessa Redgrave
   The Unmarried Mother
   A Toast

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