Vanessa Redgrave
Stane Sever


1846   His own legal practice at last  
he poet, nearly 46 by now, began to hope once more that he could to start a new life with Ana Jelovšek and their two children, Ernestina and Franc. In autumn 1846 he moved to Kranj, together with his sister Katra and Andrej Smole, the son of his late friend, whom he had taken on as a clerk.

  At first, things went well. The newly appointed lawyer had plenty of work, he even had to take on another clerk. The Poems were positively received by the critics and sold well for those times; 1200 copies had been printed, 150 of which included the acrostic dedicated to Julija. The poet kept these copies himself, giving them as gifts to those he deemed worthy of having them. In just over two years, approximately 350 copies were sold, and over the next twenty years, almost all were sold. But all this came too late for the poet himself.


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