Vanessa Redgrave
Stane Sever


Recitacija   A Wreath of Sonnets    (10/14)  
   V. de Sola

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Frail growth these blossoms had, so sad and few:
As when on some warm February day
An early rose unfolds her petals gay,
Enjoying for a space the sun anew,

But bends her stricken head as soon as due
Storm-driven mists come, and with icy spray
The hoar-frost falls from skies grown cold and grey,
While hill and dale are decked in snowy hue.

Thus did your beauty's sun upon me smile -
A radiance I would search for and pursue
To warm the petals of my love awhile.

But false that sunshine proved. Then they must rue
Their error in a frost naught could beguile,
As over them malignant storm clouds flew.

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